The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

For “insulting Turkey” | “Al-Sul*tan Muha*mmed Al-Fa*teh” faction arrests nearly 13 civilians in Afrin

Aleppo province: “Al-Sultan Muhammed Al-Fateh” faction of the Turkish-backed “National Army” carried out an arrest campaign against nearly 13 civilians from Ma’amal Oshagy village in Rajo district, for fake charges in order to collect ransoms.

Some civilians were accused of “insulting Turkey”, others for “dealing with the former Autonomous Administration” and others for “not fasting during Ramadan”, where most of the civilians were released after paying ransoms. The value of ransoms range between a hundred USDs to a thousand USDs, while a list of names of the residents of the village who are going to be arrested during the following days was prepared, in order to collect ransoms.

On the same context, a faction took over several agricultural fields that belong to arbitrarily displaced civilians to northern Aleppo countryside, where a commander of Al-Sultan Muhammed Al-Fateh” faction confiscated a car of a civilian from the village under the pretext that “the civilian used the car to carry members of the former Autonomous Administration in Afrin”, and forced the civilian to pay 1,500 USDs to receive back his car.

This comes in light of the ongoing systemic harassment by the Turkish-backed National Army forces, to push civilians to immigrate and to confiscate the properties of the civilians.