The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Despite having been imprisoned by military police | Perpetrators of “Jendires massacre” enjoy “freedom”

Aleppo province: Following the horrific massacre in Jendires, in which members of “Ahrar Al-Sharqiyah” faction killed four Kurdish civilians while celebrating Nowruz, and the state of broad public anger that this massacre triggered, military police of Turkish-backed factions announced on March 22 that they arrested the three members of “Ahrar Al-Sharqiyah” faction who were involved in this crime.


However, SOHR activists have confirmed that the military police allow one of the three arrested militiamen to leave the prison once every three days to have a rest and take a shower in his house, he sometimes spends the night in his house, before returning to the prison again.


The military police indulge the perpetrators of “Jendires massacre” in light of the lack of effective judiciary. For over 20 days, since the massacre took place, the murderers have not been tried or punished for their crime, at a time when the military police and Turkish-backed factions seem satisfied with holding them in prisons along with securing luxury for them.