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Searching for “truffle” | Gun*men attack group of “truffle” hunters and Kid*nap eight of them in eastern countryside of Hama

Hama province: Unknown gunmen attacked 12 civilians of “Al-Bosraya” tribe who are “truffle” hunters in Duwaizin area south-east of Salamiyah in the eastern countryside of Hama, where four of them managed to escape and the others remains unaccounted for.
Searching for “truffle” continues to leave victims due to targeting its hunters by unknown people, “ISIS” members or old landmines, which may claim the lives of many innocent people.
Yesterday, SOHR reported that gunmen believed to be of ISIS cells opened fire on truffle hunters of Al-Bohasan tribe near Sadd Duwayzen area in the south-east of Oqayrbat in the eastern countryside of Hama, killing one and injuring two seriously. The injured men were taken to Salamiyah hospital.