The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

First of its kind in 2023 | International Coalition Forces carry out airdrop in Jarabulus countryside, killing three, including ISIS commander

International Coalition Forces carried out an airdrop in the early hours of Monday in Al-Suwaidah village in Ghandourah district in Jarabulus countryside, which is controlled by Turkish forces and their proxy factions in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, targeting a commander of the “Islamic State.”


According to SOHR sources, the Coalition helicopters which carried out the airdrop took off from Kharab Ishk base in Ain Al-Arab countryside (Kobani). Violent clashes erupted in the site of the airdrop, during which Coalition Forces fired two missiles on the building which that ISIS commander was living. The operation resulted in the arrest of the ISIS commander and the death of two members of “Soqour Al-Shamal” factions, who were near the site where the operation took place.


Coalition Forces also killed an ISIS commander during the operation. The commander had lived in Manbij area which is under the control of Syrian Democratic Forces in eastern Aleppo where he worked in currency exchange, and he came to Jarabulus area a few months ago, according to SOHR sources.


SOHR activists have also confirmed that the ISIS commander which was arrested during the Coalition operation had moved to the targeted building nearly a month ago.


On February 24, SOHR sources reported that a Coalition drone attacked a motorcycle on the road between Qah and Mashhad Rouhin in Idlib countryside near the Syria-Turkey border, killing two jihadists. Reliable SOHR sources confirmed then that one of the targeted jihadists was an Iraqi ISIS Emir (top commander) known as “Abdulraouf Al-Muhajer,” aka “Abi Sara Al-Iraqi,” and the other man was his Iraqi escort. “Abi Sara Al-Iraqi” was the Emir of the general administrator of ISIS states, and he was also a leader in “Hurras Al-Din.” Moreover, he was the latest de-facto leader of ISIS.