The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Amid inaction by regime authorities to repatriate them | Nearly 90,000 Syrian citizens in Sudan face unknown face

SOHR appeals to international community to evacuate Syrians from Sudan

Arab and foreign countries have been working of evacuate their citizens from Sudan in light of the recent serious crisis, which is manifested in the violent fight by different military bodies for two weeks to rule the countryside. At a time when the USA, Britain, France and counties of the European Union have announced the evacuation of their diplomats and citizens from Sudan, the Syrian regime has taken no action until now to protect Syrian citizens in Sudan or evacuate them, where Sudan hosts nearly 90,000 Syrian citizens, including 65,000 displaced people.


Displaced Syrians in Sudan have called for help, as they are facing considerable threats, because of the ongoing bombardment and looting, where they have appealed to save Syrian families in the capital, Khartoum.


On the other hand, activists have called for immediate intervention by international powers to protect Syrians and evacuate them from Sudan, especially since they cannot return to Syria, as many are prosecuted by the Syrian regime, and only a few countries may accept to welcome them.


Most of the Syrian citizens in Sudan, both registered and not registered by the United Nations departments, inhabit the Sudanese capital, Khartoum. Those citizens are struggling with dreadful conditions in light of the difficulty of transportation to safe zones and the cessation of flights at Khartoum international airport.


We, at the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), call upon the international community and all relevant authorities to protect Syrian citizens in Sudan and evacuate them to countries where they are not be prosecuted. Regime authorities and security service have already been killing Syrians in their homeland, then the Syrian regime’s indifference to protect Syrians abroad is not astonishing.