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Ongoing violations within “Olive brunch” area | Pro-Turkish factions uproot 535 olive and pomegranate trees and impose royalties on civilians

Aleppo province: Members of “Al-Amshat” faction have uprooted about 500 pomegranate trees in Ain Darah village in Afrin countryside, on the pretext of establishing fish ponds in the land that belongs to a civilian from Afrin who was forced to displace to the northern countryside of Aleppo.
Furthermore, members of “Jaysh Al-Sharqiyah” faction cut down about 35 olive trees in Astir village in Afrin countryside, to sell it as firewood.
On a related context, members of the Turkish-backed “national Army” sold two houses in Afrin city for sums of money from 1,500 to 2,000 USDs. The houses belong to two civilians, one of them is from Bulbul district and the other is from Shirawa district in Afrin countryside. This comes in the framework of settling families of the Turkish-backed militias, to insure the changing of the demography of the area.
On the same context, members of a checkpoint of “Al-Sultan Murad” faction imposed monthly royalties of about 75 TLs on the residents of Ashounah and Ali Karo villages, in addition to imposing a royalty of 50 USDs on farmers in order to allow them to cultivate their land, also a royalty of 400 USDs was imposed on a vineyard belongs to a villager in order to be able to harvest his crop.
In Sheikh Al-Hadid district in Afrin countryside, “Al-Amshat” faction imposed a royalty of about ten percent of the cost of grape leaves crop and one dollar for each grapevine. Moreover, faction of “Al-Sham corps” imposed a royalty of ten percent of the cost of grape leaves crop and 50 percent on the owners of the agencies within areas they control in Shirawa district in Afrin countryside north-west of Aleppo.