The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Who was targeted by the drone att*ack | Contradictions between announcements of the US Central Command and local sources

The US Central Command announced the targeting of a prominent ISIS leader by an airstrike in an area in Idlib countryside north western of Syria, without any information regarding the identity of the leader.

According to reliable SOHR sources, the targeted person is called Lotfy Hassan Masto of 60 years old, and was herding sheep in a land near Qorqanya village in Idlib countryside, while residents of the village mentioned that he did not belong to any military faction.

Earlier today, explosions were heard in Qorqaniya town in the northern countryside of Idlib, caused by the targeting of a poultry farm in the town with several missiles, coinciding with the flight of an armed drone of the “International Coalition” over the area, what resulted in the death of an unknown person.