The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Amid regime government’s inaction and exploitation of their issue | SOHR calls upon international community to open safe corridors to get Syrians out of Sudan

As Syrian refugees in Sudan are struggling with a tragic humanitarian situation, some parties and pro-regime individuals have turning this issue into a bargaining chip, attempting to benefit from the crisis, especially with the ongoing inaction by the Syrian regime’s authorities.


Speaking to SOHR, a Syrian refugee says “Syrian refugees in Sudan are struggling with tragic humanitarian situation due to the dreadful living conditions in light of the state of disorder in the country.”


Commenting on the operation of evacuating Syrian refugees from Sudan, the refugee says “the evacuation operations have only included Syrians of those who are affiliated with officials of the Syrian regime and their acquaintances. Those Syrians were evacuated at two batches on Cham Wings airlines to Syria, while most of the Syrian refugees have remained in harbours and streets in Sudan. Also, Syrian refugees who are trying to leave Sudan are blackmailed, and this contravenes statements by some authorities which have confirmed that Syrians have been evacuated from Sudan for free. After the arrival of aeroplanes in Sudan to evacuate Syrians, the refugees had to pay for the flight ticket which costs between 460 USD and 1,000 USD, where these flights are supervised by a man called Michel. In addition, a passport is issued for 350 to 450 USD, and Syrian refugees cannot leave Sudan without those passports. Most of the Syrian refugees do not have enough money covering the cost of the ticket and passport.”


With the deteriorating situation of Syrian refugees in Sudan, we, at the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), renew our appeals to all international organisations and the international community to find a solution to get Syrian refugees safely out of Sudan and open a humanitarian corridor with Egypt for Syrians who are at risk of being killed in Sudan.