The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Al-Suwaidaa | Airstrike targets most prominent drug dealer on the Syrian-Jordanian border

A warplane which is likely to be Jordanian, targeted a position within Al-Sha’ab village in the eastern countryside of Al-Suwaidaa at the Syrian-Jordanian border, where the person called Mar’i Al-Ramthan, the most prominent drug dealer who is responsible for smuggling it to Jordan from the area there, stays in, without any certain information until now about his fate, and the fate of his family which includes his wife and six children. Preliminary information indicates that they were all killed in the strike, and if this information is correct, so SOHR denounces killing women and children under any pretext.
On December 21, 2022, SOHR reported that the military intelligence services of the regime released “Mari Ramthan,” the most prominent drug trafficker and smuggler who smuggle drugs from Jordan to the Gulf States, a collaborator with the Lebanese Hezbollah-backed militia in Al-Suwaydaa countryside, in exchange for a huge ransom. The drug trafficker was released after an arrest that lasted only five days.
This came after an official of Lebanese “Hezbollah” called “Ahmed Hajj” promised Mari Ramthan’s family that the drug trafficker would be released.