The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Bashar al- Assad’s regime continues in committing massacres against the Syrian people

The number of civilians who were killed due to the massacre committed by the regime forces,which launched a lot of shells and suspected ground-to-ground missiles on the city of Duma in the Eastern Ghouta, has risen to 30 at least, including 8 children and 8 women, some of them from the same families. The death toll is expected to rise because there are some people in critical situation and there are missing people under the rubble.


It is worth noting that the regime forces shelled a popular market in the city of Duma leading to kill 117 civilians, including 16 children and 7 women.


SOHR holds the international community especially UN Security Council the moral responsibility towards the daily killing committed against the Syrian people by al- Assad regime particularly in the city of Duma which has been besieged for 2 years. Therefore, those criminals are not going to stop committing more massacres as long as they known that there is no punishment or trials against them. accordingly, we call on the UN Security Council to send the file of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Syria to the International Criminal Court