The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Autonomous Administration areas in May | Five mur*ders left five people kil*led including child and two women

Areas of the Autonomous Administration witnessed several murders since the beginning of May, for different reasons and motivations and against some unidentified persons and some perpetrators are still out loose, in light of the security chaos in the region and widespread of weapons in addition to the absence of the law and the presence of revenge traditions, where SOHR activists documented five murders that left five people killed.

The details are as follows:

• May 1: A civilian was shot several times today by one of his cousins in Al-Raqqa city for old vendetta, where he died immediately.

• May 11: The body of a woman in her 20s was found, where her body was mutilated and decapitated and showed signs of stabbing with white weapons, and her ears were cut off inside her house in Ain Eissa northern of Al-Raqqa.

• May 14: The body of a civilian was found tortured killed in mysterious circumstances, dumped near Al-Abid station near Al-Karama Al-Ghasaniya in Al-Raqqa.

• May 14: A man killed his wife due to family disputes, in Qirmaniya village western of Al-Dirbasiya in northern of Al-Hasakah.

• May 15: A 13 years-old child was stabbed with a sharp object by a 14 years-old child in a restaurant near Al-Zohdy junction in Al-Aziziya neighbourhood within SDF-held areas in Al-Hasakah.

The Syrian Observatory has documented 32 murder crimes in SDF-controlled areas since early 2023, where domestic violence and armed robbery were behind some of these murders, while motivations behind the others remained unknown. These murders left 34 civilian fatalities, including three women and three children; they are distributed regionally as follows:
• Al-Hasakah: Seven civilians.
• Deir Ezzor: 13 civilians, including a woman and a little girl.
• Al-Raqqah: Eight civilians, including two women and a little girl.
• Manbij: Five civilians, including a woman.
• Ain Al-Arab (Kobani): A little boy.