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Amid unstable value of Syrian currency and merchants’ greediness | Residents complaint against skyrocketing prices in Al-Hasakah city

After the Syrian pound had hit a record low with the US dollar recording nearly 9,350 SYP, the exchange rate of the Syrian pound against the U.S. dollar has returned to 8,200 SYP. However, residents have complaint that there has been no noticeable change in the prices of basic products in the markets of Al-Hasakah city.


Meanwhile, shopkeepers claimed that they buy their goods at the US dollar, and that they do not decrease the goods’ prices when the value of the Syrian currency improves, fearing losses.


The high prices of essentials have further burdened the city’s residents who have already been grappling with dreadful living conditions and ongoing interruption of water provided by Allouk station in areas controlled by Turkish forces and their proxy factions.


Speaking to SOHR, the owner of a foodstuffs shop known by his initials as K. M. says “we buy foodstuffs at the US dollar and when sell them for civilians at the Syrian pound. We are always concerned about the unstable exchange rate of the Syrian pound, which changes in seconds, and this makes us shoulder further burdens. We buy goods in the morning and when we run out of goods, we buy other quantities. However, we have become unable to buy goods because of the changing prices which are related directly with the Syrian currency plunge against the US dollar.”


A civilian from Al-Hasakah city known as H. A. has told SOHR “we are surprised of the varying prices in different shops in light of the lack of monitoring. We get our salaries and wages at the Syrian currency, but when we come to buy anything, we find out that merchants have linked their goods with the increasing rate of the US dollar. This is unbearable. The living conditions are dreadful and our wages are very small in light of the ongoing freefall of the Syrian currency against the US dollar. Ironically, prices are not decreased when the exchange rate of the Syrian currency becomes stable, while merchants always cites the unstable exchange rate of the Syrian currency as an excuse, but we have nothing to do.”