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Ongoing violations | Turkish-backed factions cut fruitful trees and sell houses of civilians in “Olive Branch” area

Aleppo province: Members of the Turkish-backed “Al-Sham Legion” cut olive trees that belong to a displaced man from Afrin in Basofan village in Shirawa district in Afrin countryside, under the context that “the civilian previously belonged to the Autonomous Administration”, where they felled the trees for logs and financial benefit.

Moreover, members of “Al-Hamza Division” felled nearly 650 pomegranate trees in Korzeliya village in Afrin countryside, where the trees belonged to a civilian from Afrin.

Meanwhile, gunmen of the Turkish-backed National Army factions sold a house that belongs to a civilian of native residents in Kamrok village in Shiran district in Afrin countryside for 1,400 USDs.

Moreover, members of “Al-Sultan Murad” sold a house in the centre of Afrin city, where the house belonged to a civilian displaced from Afrin, and the house was sold to a member of Turkish-backed factions for 2,000 USDs.

Members of “Suleiman Shah” faction “Al-Amshat” imposed royalties on displaced people inside the Qatari camp in Shaikh Al-Hadid in Afrin countryside for 50 USDs on each family, as they were threatened to be deported from the camp.

This comes after an organization distributed 150 USDs for people affected by the earthquake in sheltering centres in Jinderes city, where members of “Al-Amshat” assigned the administration of the camp to impose royalties on all the families that received money from the organization.