The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Corruption cases | Local media agencies expose dr*ug dealers and roots of brot*hels

A series of posts and scandals are being circulated on social and local media agencies in Al-Raqqa, exposing the names of drug dealers, their pictures, address and the product they sell.

According to reliable SOHR sources, the widespread of drugs negatively affected the civilians due to the increased number of drug abusers in addition to higher incidence of kidnaps and thefts, where all residents encourage exposing of these drug dealers who corrupted the community.

Additionally, these agencies circulated pictures and names of women who participate in “drugs and prost9tution”, in an attempt of threatening these women and pushing them off these practices that are hated by the tribal community in Al-Raqqa.

SOHR sources in Al-Raqqa pointed out to the increase of houses and sites of selling drugs and brothels, despite the several security operations by the Internal Security Forces.

SOHR demands the security forces to firmly stand against the phenomenon of drug dealing, and to hold those seeking to impose external agendas that cause the collapse of the Syrian community.