The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Following reconciliations by over 2,250 persons | Unknown individuals circulate fliers opposing reconciliations with regime in Daraa

Areas controlled by regime forces have experienced anti-regime reactions through fliers circulated by unknown individuals in different provinces, mainly in Damascus, Aleppo and Daraa. This coincides with the latest reconciliation agreements in Daraa, where over 2,250 civilians, combatants and military deserters struck reconciliation deals.


In this context, unknown individuals circulated fliers opposing the reconciliation with the Syrian regime, which escalated after the return of the Syrian regime to the Arab League, one of which read “Allah never helps or guides those who strike reconciliation with them.” Such fliers were circulated in the cities in Jasem and Nawa, the towns of Namir and Sahem Al-Golan, Al-Shajarah, Tafas and Al-Jizah in Daraa countryside, Aleppo University and Damascus.


On the other hand, regime security services continue threatening to arrest residents of Daraa and evacuate everyone expressing their rejection of reconciliation deals to north Syria in order to force the residents to acquiesce to the striking of reconciliation deals. It is worth noting that regime forces brought in military trucks, in late April, carrying weapons and soldiers to the Brigade 52, while regime forces erected soil barriers in Al-Mashtal and the Scientific Research areas between Tafas and Al-Yadoudah in Daraa countryside, before blocking roads and impose a siege to force civilians to strike reconciliation deals.