The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Demanding to overthrow it | Protests condemning H*T*S violations renew in Aleppo and Idlib

Protests erupted this evening condemning the violations of HTS and its leader Al-Golan, where the protestors demanded to overthrow HTS and accused it of “causing security chaos and violating sanctity of houses”, where the protests took place in Babika, A’zaz and Al-Sahara in Aleppo countryside and Tarmanin at the administrative borders between Aleppo and Idlib.

It is worth noting that women and men participated in the ongoing protests against HTS and its leader Al-Golany in different areas in Idlib countryside and Aleppo countryside.

Yesterday, protestors in Atma in Idlib countryside expelled members of HTS’ security service who were in a “van”, after they tried to separate a peaceful demonstration, while some protestors tried to assault the members and insulted them.