The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Damascus | Nearly 3,000 Shiite visitors spread in Al-Hamidiya Market

Shiite visitors frequently visit Damascus and areas of high symbolism for residents of Damascus, to visit the markets, Umayyad Mosque and religious shrines.

On the same context, SOHR activists monitored the arrival of dozens of busses carrying hundreds of visitors of different nationalities to Al-Hamidiya Market and Damascus Castle.

According to reliable SOHR sources, more than 50 busses stopped in Al-Hamidiya Market in Damascus, where each bus carried nearly 60 people which is nearly 3,000 visitors.

Syrian and non-Syrian Shiites continue visiting religious shrines in Damascus and Ain Ali Shrine in Al-Mayadin in addition to other sites that are made up by Iranian militias in Syria to rob the Syrian community of its cultural identity, increasing the Iranian infiltration in Damascus and Rif Dimashq by buying real estates on the general road connecting Damascus to Al-Saida Zainab area.