The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

In sneak operation | Three regime soldiers killed and injured by factions of “Al-Fath Al-Mubin” in Idlib

At midnight last night, regime forces carried out a sneak operation on the frontline of San in the eastern countryside of Idlib, which led to violent clashes between regime forces and members of “Al-Fath Al-Mubin” operations room. The clashed resulted in the death of one regime soldier and the injury of two other members, what forced them to withdraw after the factions responded to them, coinciding with Russian helicopter flight in the air.
A regime soldier was also injured by snippers of “Al-Fath Al-Mubin” operations room on the frontline of Ain Eissa in the northern countryside of Latakia, within “Putin-Erdogan” area.
On a related context, the frontline of Ihsem in the southern countryside of Idlib was bombarded by regime forces. No causalities were reported.
Since early 2023, SOHR has documented 144 operations in the “de-escalation zone,” including attacks, gunfire by snipers and bombardment, which left 226 combatants and civilians dead. In addition, these operations left over 120 combatants and 41 civilians, including three women and other children, injured.
The fatalities can be distributed as follows:
• Nine civilians, including a child and a woman were killed by regime forces.
• 163 members of regime forces, including nine officers.
• An Afghan militiaman of “Liwaa Fatemiyoun.”
• One member of “Syrian Hezbollah” militia.
• 44 members of Hayyaat Tahrir Al-Sham, including a French jihadist.
• Two members of the jihadist faction of “Ansar Al-Tawheed.
• One member of “Ahrar Al-Sham” movement.
• One member of “Al-Sham Corps.”
• One member of “Hurras Al-Din” organisation.
• An officer of special Russian forces.
• One member of Iranian-backed Liwua Al-Baqer.
• One member of Soqour Al-Sham