The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

A warplane crashes over the airbase of Kwayres in the east of Aleppo

Aleppo Province:

A warplanes crashed over the airbase of Kwayres located in the eastern countryside of Aleppo and besieged by IS. There is conflicting information whether it crashed because of technical failure or by targeting it by IS, no information about the destiny of the pilot so far.


SOHR activists had been informed by closed resources from officers inside the airbase that the soldiers and officers of Kwayres airbase have been convinced that the regime has no serious plan to lift the siege from the airbase and that it will let them to face their destiny like what it did in the airbase of al- Tabaqa in the province of al- Raqqa.


It is worth mentioned that the airbase of Kwayres and the Air Academy in the east of Aleppo have witnessed violent attack by IS militants since August 9, where 51 soldiers of the regime forces, including 40 officers, 4 of them generals and colonels, as well as 62 IS militants, including 4 militants blew themselves up around the airbase and 8 militants beheaded by the regime forces, had been killed in the clashes around the airbase.


It is also worth noted that families of the soldiers and officers of the regime forces organized vigils in the last days in the provinces of Lattakia, Homs and Tartous demanding from the regime forces leadership to lift the siege from the soldiers besieged inside the airbase by IS extremists.