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Protesting theft of their allocations of gas cylinders by some certified persons | Angry demonstration staged amid blocking of roads in Al-Hasakah countryside

Al-Hasakah province: Tens of residents from Tel Maarouf village on the road of Al-Hawl in Al-Hasakah countryside, staged an angry demonstration, amid blocking of roads and setting fires protesting against the theft of the gas cylinders by some certified persons in distributing the allocations of the gas at the Autonomous Administration. As a result of blocking roads and setting fires, many employees in Al-Hawl camp were forced to return to Al-Hasakah city due to the difficulty of their arrival.
Residents accuse some certified persons to distribute gas cylinders of stealing a proportion of them in several villages, towns and some neighbourhoods of Al-Hasakah city.
On May 8, SOHR reported that dozens of residents of Al-Nashwa Al-Sharqiya neighbourhood in Al-Hasakah city, went out on protests in front of the building of the council of the city, after “Al-Kumin” failed to distribute house gas cylinders on civilians, despite the fact that the distribution of cylinders has stopped six months ago.
According to reliable SOHR sources, the residents handed over nearly 2,000 empty gas cylinders to more than 1,000 families in the neighbourhood, without being filled, despite repeated calls by residents of the neighbourhood.