The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Al-Nusra Front and the Islamic factions violently attack on Abu al-Duhur airbase and warplanes carry out dozens of air strikes on the vicinity and outskirts of the airbase

Idlib Province:

violent clashes are taking place for more than 3 hours now between the regime forces against and Islamic factions and Al-Nusra Front (al-Qaeda in the Levant) in the vicinity of Abu Al-Duhur airbase besieged for more than two years, after a violent attack by fighters of the factions and al-Nusra on the main gate of the airbase, in an attempt to break into the airport and control it, which is one of the last strongholds for the regime forces in Idlib Province, amid sounds of explosions caused armored vehicles explosions due to the targeting by each party for the other party’s positions and vehicles of the other party, and one of these explosions is believed to be caused by the detonating of a booby trapped vehicle in the area, in conjunction with dozens of raids by warplanes on areas on in the vicinity of the airbase, the warplanes also bombed areas in the town of Kansafra in Jabal al-Zawiyah, no information about injuries, the helicopters also shelled areas in al-Qarqour town at the outskirts of Idlib Province and at the administrative borders of Hama Province.