The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Daily death toll | Seven persons killed on July 1 across Syria

Further details of fatalities, documented by SOHR, can be summarised as follows:

Quarrels took place between two brothers and their wives that escalated to a fight and insulting between them due to disputes over a piece of land, before one of the brothers drew his weapon and shot his brother dead.

A 16-years-old child was killed due to the explosion of a hand grenade thrown by unknown people on their house’s roof, near Al-Battah roundabout in Minbij east of Aleppo, within areas controlled by the military council of Minbij.

A member of the “4th Division” faction affiliated with the Turkish-backed “National army” died of his severe injury he sustained days ago, which resulted in the amputation of his hands and feet, due to the explosion of an IED planted in his car in Al-Mahmoudiyah neighbourhood in Afrin city northwest of Aleppo.

A regime officer ranked Major killed five of his relatives, while the brother of the officer and several of his relatives were injured and the officer was killed by his cousin, due to armed clashes following disputes over a piece of land in Al-Tamana’a Town in southern Idlib countryside within regime-held areas.