The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Discussing militias situation | Commanders of Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Lebanese Hezbollah meet in Deir Ezzor

Deir Ezzor Province: SOHR activists reported that that the Iranian militias held a meeting in one of the “villas” they control in neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor City, where it was attended by “Al-Haj Sejad” of Iranian nationality, his deputy, the official responsible for the Iranian militias, the security official in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and an official in the Lebanese “Hezbollah” militia.

The meeting took place and was about the situation of the Iranian militia formations in the region especially in Al-Mayadin and Al-Bokamal, after rumors spread by local residents that the American forces entered in cooperation with SDF Forces, and fortified their headquarters with heavy weapons and soldiers, where regime forces withdrew a large number of its members from Al-Bokamal.

Meanwhile, the Iranian “Revolutionary Guard” suffers from a great shortage of its local members because a large number of them fled in fear of Israeli shelling and attacks.