The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Demographic change | New residential compound established in Afrin canton for settling displaced families from different Syrian provinces

Aleppo province: SOHR sources have reported that the Turkish company of the real estate development and architecture started construction of a new residential compound, with financial support by Turkish government, nearby Kafr Safra village in Jendires district in Afrin countryside in “Olive Branch” area, after felling olive trees and bushes.


The new compound comprises 400 residential units for housing families from eastern Ghouta, Homs and Hama.


This comes as a part of ongoing efforts to change the demography of areas controlled by Turkish forces and their proxy factions, precisely “Euphrates Shield,” “Olive Branch” and “Peace Spring” areas in Aleppo and Al-Hasakah, where a third of the region’s indigenous inhabitants have already been forced to displace to other areas.


On July 3, SOHR sources reported that Jarablus city in eastern Aleppo countryside within “Euphrates Shield” witnessed a state of high alert among Turkish forces, amid deployment of special forces near the entrance of the city.


This followed a visit by a Turkish delegation to the city to open a residential village under the name of “Al-Naser” which was built in Teshtan village in Jarabulus countryside with Qatari support and Turkish consent to settle Turkish-backed militiamen’s families and Syrian refugees who were forcibly deported by Turkish authorities from Turkey to Syrian territory.


This came as a part of Turkey’s diligent efforts to change the demography of areas which it occupied during “Euphrates Shield,” “Olive Branch” and “Peace Spring” operations, seeking for narrow interests.