The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Including anti-aircraft vehicles| Iranian-backed militias bring in military reinforcement convoy to Deir Ezzor city

Deir Ezzor province: SOHR sources have reported that Iranian-backed militias brought in military reinforcement convoy of several “pick up” trucks, including anti-aircraft vehicles , coming from eastern Deir Ezzor countryside within areas controlled by regime forces and Iranian-backed militias.
The convoy arrived at Al-Velat neighbourhood, amid a state of high alert and the closure of the main road in the neighbourhood.

On July 10, SOHR activists learned that a secret meeting took place in the house of “Nawaf Raghib Al-Bashir” the head of militias of “Jaish Al-Asha’er” (Tribal Army) on one hand and “Feras Al-Jaham” the head of the National Defence militias on the other hand, in Al-Dahiya area in Deir Ezzor, amid reports of security mobilization of regime forces and their militias.