The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Minbij countryside | Turkish drone targets military vehicle of SDF on road of Sad Teshreen

Aleppo province: Today, a Turkish drone targeted a military vehicle of SDF, while it was passing the road of Sad Teshreen near Hasan Agha village in Minbij countryside east of Aleppo, resulting in the injury of a civilian who was near the targeted place, where he was taken to the hospital for treatment.
It is noted that the targeted place is about 50 kilometres far from the Turkish border.
Accordingly, the number of attacks carried out by Turkish drones on areas controlled by the Autonomous Administration in north and north-east Syria since early 2023 has increased to 27. These attacks left 41 fatalities: ten civilians, including a child and a woman, 28 military personnel and three regime soldiers, as well as the injury of over 31 others. Turkish drone attacks in 2023 are distributed regionally as follows:
• Al-Hasakah: 12 attacks left seven civilians, including three women and a child, and 12 military personnel dead and others injured.
• Al-Raqqah: Two attacks.
• Aleppo countryside: 13 attacks left 16 combatants including three of units of protecting Kurdish people, three regime soldiers and three civilians dead.