The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

In the 14th month of of its alleged caliphate, Islamic State executes 91 persons, including 39 of its own militants

SOHR could document execution of 91 people in the 14th of declaring IS alleged caliphate. The executions carried out in different areas in Syria in the period from July 29 to August 29, where “Islamic State” executed 32 civilians, including 2 women, 39 of its own militants, including a journalist, 11 fighters from the rebel and Islamist factions and at least 9 members from the regime forces and allied militiamen, most of them beheaded.  


The executions carried out for sorcery, insulting God, sodomy, adultery, banditry, joining and cooperating with the awakening movements, sorcery, cooperating with crusader coalition, mischief on earth and cooperating with the Nusayri regime forces .


Thus, the number of civilians, rebels, IS militants, members of the regime forces and allied militiamen who were executed by IS since the declaration of its alleged caliphate in 6/29/2014 until this morning has risen to 3156, where It executed 1841 civilians, including 76 children and 95 women, by shooting, beheading, stoning, throwing off high place and burning in the provinces of Damascus, Rif Dimashq, Deir Ezzor, al- Raqqa, al- Hasakah, Aleppo, Homs and Hama. They executed more than 930 Arab Sunni civilians of al- Shaitat tribe’s people in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, 223 Kurdish citizens by shooting them and by bladed weapons in the city of Ayn al- Arab and village of Barkh Botan and 46 civilians by burning and beheading in the village of al- Mab’ojah inhabited by people of Alawi, Ismaeili and Sunni sects in the east of the city of Salamiyyah.


Meanwhile, the number of fighters of YPG, Jabhat al- Nusra, rebel and Islamic battalions who were executed after arresting them by IS due to the ongoing clashes among these parties reached to 236.


IS also executed 182 members of its own militants for “exceeding the limits in religion and spying for foreign countries”, most of them executed after arresting them during their attempt to come back home.


897 officers and soldiers of the regime forces were also executed by IS. They were arrested during clashes between IS and the regime forces.


SOHR appeal UN Security Council, all countries and organization that claim the respect of human rights to work urgently in order to stop the crimes and violations, committed against the Syrian people by IS, Bashar al- Assad regime and all other parties, and establish specialist courts to sentence them. We also call them to support the Syrian people in order to reach to the state of freedom, democracy, justice and equality that preserve the rights of all components of the Syrian people regardless of their sects, religion and ethnics who have coexisted for better future for Syria although there are some media campaigns that work on destroying the social structure of our home Syria.