The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

20th attack in 2023 | Israeli missiles hit military positions and warehouses of Lebanese Hezbollah in Damascus

SOHR sources have reported that Israeli missiles hit military positions near Al-Dimas airport and Al-Sabourah area which hosts battalions of the 4th Division and warehouses of the Lebanese Hezbollah, which caused fires in the targeted sites. But no casualties have been reported.


It is worth noting that this is the 20th Israeli attack in 2023.


On July 2, SOHR sources reported that Israeli aircrafts launched new strikes in the Syrian lands, in light of the ongoing violating of the Syrian territory, where heavy explosions were heard, targeting positions and ammunition warehouses of the Lebanese Hezbollah, in Al-Nejmah village in Homs countryside on the north-eastern outskirts of Homs.


Israeli aircrafts also targeted the air defence base 200s in Al-Qadmous with several rockets, coinciding with the responding of the air defences without being able to stop the Israeli attack.


The airstrikes resulted in the destruction of the position in the village, amid breaking of fire, and the death and injury of five persons of IRGC where they were taken to the hospital for treatment.