The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The “Islamic State” targets a checkpoint on the outskirts of Tal Ref’aat area and kills and injures 16

Aleppo Province:

At least 16 killed and wounded when the “Islamic state” used booby trapped vehicle to target a checkpoint at the outskirts of Tal Ref’aat from the side of al-Shekh Isa located between it and between Mare’ city, also clashes took place between the rebel and Islamic Factions and Jabhat Al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Levant) against the “Islamic State” on the outskirts of the village of Harjaleh in the northern countryside of Aleppo, after an attempt by members of IS to infiltrate into the area, and confirmed information about casualties for the “Islamic State”, while an explosive shell launched by the Islamic Brigades on area in the neighborhood of al-Midan which is under the control of the regime forces in Aleppo which damaged proprieties, also  another shell fell on area in al-Azizyya neighborhood, no information about  injuries.