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Lack of Security | Masked people storm a house and kidn*ap young man in regime areas in Al-Suwaydaa

Al-Suwaydaa province: An armed group in a “Kia” car stormed a house in Al-Suwaydaa City near Al-Forsan Square and kidnapped a young man in his 20s and took him to an unknown destination with no information regarding his fate, amid fear and panic among civilians.

Armed gangs in regime-held areas work on kidnapping people for ransoms, stealing and murdering people in light of lack of control by the government.

On Late July, an armed gang kidnapped a 20 years-old young man from Al-Nobl City in Rif Dimashq, while he was heading to Al-Suwaydaa countryside after being lured, where he was taken to an unknown destination. Meanwhile, the gang demands the young man’s family to pay 30,000 USDs to release him.

The young man’s family called for the concerned authorities on social media to help in releasing the young man, after the family was unable to secure the money.

It is worth noting that the young man suffers from bone cancer and his fate remains unknown, where he is under threats of the side effects of the chemotherapy.