The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The Sharia Court in Aleppo and its countryside starts using Turkish Lira



SOHR had received a copy of a statement stamped by the seal of the Sharia Court of Aleppo and its countryside. The announcement stated, “in an attempt to apply the circulation of the Turkish currency temporally in the liberated areas the Sharia Court in Aleppo and its countryside has decided the start of using the Turkish Lira in all the court transactions of lawsuit fees, fines, bails, purchases and sales from 9/5/2015.”


It is noted that SOHR published in August 11, a copy of a footage issued by a party called itself “the Syrian Committee to Replace Currency in Circulation”, where one of its members said, “the Syrian Committee to Replace Currency in Circulation has decided to start the application of a joint resolution of the revolutionary powers and military factions to use the Turkish currency in the liberated area in the north of Aleppo until toppling the criminal regime and adopting new national currency because of the following:

  • To preserve our people’s money of loss due to the collapse of the Syrian Lira and printing new banknotes by the regime.
  • To fight the criminal regime economically by stopping the foreign exchange flow from the liberated areas.
  • To stabilize the prices of commodity and materials, and to rationalize the investment.

Some sources reported that some entities started to distribute salaries on their employees by Turkish Lira in the countryside of Aleppo and Idlib, and that project comes in parallel with the preparation by Turkey to establish save corridor inside the Syrian territories on the Turkish – Syrian border, where some areas that is close to the border have witnessed withdrawal of Jabhat al- Nusra and handing some positions over to al- Shamiyya Front and other factions, amid certain information about the entry of hundreds of fighters close to the Turkish government at night coming from the Turkish territories, where they will position in the northern countryside of Aleppo.