The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Amid calls for public disobedience until implementing demands | Jaramana residents and five villages protest rejecting recent decisions of Bashar Al-Assad

Al-Suwaidaa province: Several villages in Al-Suwaidaa countryside are witnessing widespread popular discontent against the decisions issued by the head of the Syrian regime, about the rise in fuel prices, as popular resentment and discontent increased and became the master of the situation during the past two days, after the 100 percent increase of the salaries.
Rejecting the deterioration of economic, living, service and security conditions, exchanged by the regime’s inability to find solutions to the aggravated suffering of the residents and reduce it, the residents of Al-Matunah, Nemir, Shahba, Qanawat, Majadel and Al-Tha’lah villages in the western countryside of Al-Suwaidaa, staged widespread protests, amid blocking main roads, setting fire to rubber tires, and preventing employees working in government departments to go to their work, as an expression of their discontent.
Protesters demand an improvement in the country’s situation in all aspects of life, including livelihood, economic and security, and work to find solutions to the escalating crises.
This corresponds with a complete paralysis in Al-Suwaidaa province, especially in transport traffic, for the second consecutive day, amid calls for public disobedience by the residents, until the implementation of the demands.
It is not just in Al-Suwaidaa and its countryside, where Al-Siyouf square in the city of Jaramana in Rif Dimashq, is witnessing a protest, under the slogan of “We have the right to live with dignity”, in rejection of recent decisions by the head of the Syrian regime, followed by the collapse of the living situation in the country.