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Demanding resignation of head of Syrian regime | Protests expand in Al-Suwaidaa city under slogan “Syria is ours and it is not for Al-Assad family.”

Al-Suwaidaa province: Tens of Al-Suwaidaa residents, and with the participation of the employees working in institutions of the regime, gathered in Al-Sir\Al-Karamah square in the centre of the city, in continuation of popular disobedience, refusing the decisions of the regime of Al-Assad, holding the regime responsibility of the collapse of the condition in the country, amid demands calling for the departure of Bashar al-Assad, and saying chants of ” People want to overthrow the regime”, ” Syria is ours and it is not for Al-Assad family.”
In conjunction with that, residents of Al-Qaraiyah town in the southern countryside of Al-Suwaidaa countryside, staged a peaceful protest, in Sultan Basha Al-Atrash square, in implementation of calls for protesting against the recent decisions of the regime and his failure to find solutions for the crisis, demanding the resignations of the head of the Syrian regime.
Today earlier, SOHR reported that residents of Al-Matunah, Nemir, Shahba, Qanawat, Majadel and Al-Tha’lah villages in the western countryside of Al-Suwaidaa, staged widespread protests, amid blocking main roads, setting fire to rubber tires, and preventing employees working in government departments to go to their work, as an expression of their discontent.
Protesters demand an improvement in the country’s situation in all aspects of life, including livelihood, economic and security, and work to find solutions to the escalating crises.