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In conjunction with civil disobedience | Tens of Al-Suwaidaa residents participate in mass demonstration denouncing collapse of economic condition

Al-Suwaidaa province: Tens of residents from Al-Suwaidaa city and villages of the countryside gathered in “Al-Sir” square in the centre of Al-Suwaidaa city and staged a mass protesting demonstration denouncing the deteriorating economic and living condition that regime-held areas have reached, as a result of high prices and the collapse of the value of the Syrian Lira, where hundreds of villagers in Al-Suwaidaa countryside headed to participate in the central demonstration in the city, amid slogans against the regime and his government, which failed to improve the living situation of civilians. The demonstration coincides with the civil disobedience that began today in the city after it was announced by Al-Suwaidaa Bedouin tribes.
Earlier today, the city of Al-Suwaidaa is witnessing a complete closure of all main and secondary roads leading to the city by dozens of protesting civilians, where tens of residents of the villages and towns gathered to protest against the deterioration of the economic situation and to apply the civil disobedience that was announced by Al-Suwaidaa tribes yesterday. All government departments and shops are witnessing a complete closure, amid a lack in traffic.
It was also announced that the exams that were scheduled for today at Damascus University branch in Al-Suwaidaa city, were delayed to another day due to the complete civil disobedience and the continuation of the anti-regime protests against the collapse of the living and economic conditions.