The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Following footsteps of Al-Baath party | “Abu Amshah” faction forces Kurds in Sheikh Al-Hadeed to demonstrate against American sanctions imposed on him

Aleppo province: SOHR sources in Sheikh Al-Hadeed town, which controlled by “Al-Amshat\Suleiman Shah” faction, in Afrin countryside northwest of Aleppo, have reported that the faction led by Mohammad Al-Jasem, Abu Amshah, is preparing to stage a fabricated demonstration during today Sunday, against the recent American sanctions imposed on Abu Amshah. According to SOHR sources, Abu Amshah instructed his members to prevent any Kurdish civilian from working during the day under threat to force them to go to the demonstration, in a step that is not different at all from the supportive demonstrations that the Syrian regime and Al-Baath Party used to fabricate.
It is noted that Sheikh Al-Hadeed is considered as “Abu Amsha’s stronghold” where he and his faction are committed violations against civilians there without any sanctity.