The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Second consecutive day | Civil disobedience continues in Al-Suwaidaa and protesters block roads and building of Al-Baath party

The civil disobedience is continuing in Al-Suwaidaa city for the second consecutive day, as shops, institutions and official departments continue to be closed, and roads are closed amid an almost complete stop in traffic in the city, in a protest on the collapse of the living situation, the large rise of the prices of the basic materials and the collapse of the value of the Syrian Lira.
Moreover, today morning, the protesters blocked the headquarters building of the Al-Baath party branch in the city, where a number of cars of the branch leadership stopped in front of the branch’s door after being closed by the protesters and also blocked the road of Al-Ruha- Al-Suwaidaa and Al-Qareya-Al-Suwaidaa, in addition to the block of Majadel village road and Rimah Hazem-Walgha road in the western countryside of Al-Suwaidaa.
Tens of residents from Ariqah town in the western countryside of Al-Suwaidaa staged a protesting demonstration, demanding the implementation of the 2254 decision. Villages and towns of Al-Hoya, Qanawat, Majadel, Rimah Hazem, Walgha, Al-Kafar and Theybin also witnessed a complete strike in Al-Suwaidaa countryside and joined the city.
Yesterday, the city of Al-Suwaidaa is witnessing a complete closure of all main and secondary roads leading to the city by dozens of protesting civilians, where tens of residents of the villages and towns gathered to protest against the deterioration of the economic situation and to apply the civil disobedience that was announced by Al-Suwaidaa tribes yesterday. All government departments and shops are witnessing a complete closure, amid a lack in traffic.