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Demanding departure of regime | Hundreds of Al-Suwaidaa residents renew demonstrations in centre of city for third consecutive day

Al-Suwaidaa province: Hundreds of civilians staged an angry popular demonstration in “Al-Seer” square in the centre of Al-Suwaidaa city, amid flocking of many demonstrators from other areas towards the square to participate in the demonstration, lifting placards with slogans that read “Disobedience until tyranny falls” and chanting “Leave O Bashar” and “Long Live Syria and Fall Bashar Al-Assad”
A similar demonstration was staged in Shahbaa city in Al-Suwaidaa countryside, where the demonstrators reached the building of Al-Baath party branch in the city and expelled the employees from the branch, chanting slogans that call for the overthrow of the regime.
Al-Suwaidaa is witnessing protests and peaceful strikes the third consecutive day, protesting against the economic collapse in the country and the deterioration of the living condition, demanding the overthrow of the Syrian regime, the departure of the head of the regime, the return of the life to normal and living in dignity.
On this context, villages and towns of Baka, Mardek, Majadel, Salah, Al-Reha, Samiea, Al-Mujemir, Arman, Al-Qariyah and Harran in Al-Suwaidaa countryside witnessed morning protests, confirming the continuity of the general strike until the implementation of the demands, amid blocking of main roads with burning rubber tires.
Qamisa village in the eastern countryside of Al-Suwaidaa witnessed a general strike and closure of the municipal building and main roads.