The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Calling for uprising against regime | Paper leaflets of “August 10” movement spread in Al-Dumeir city in Rif Dimashq

Rif Dimashq province: SOHR sources have reported that paper leaflets of what is called “August 10 movement” were spread at dawn today, within neighbourhoods of Al-Dumeir city in Al-Qalamoun area in Rif Dimashq, within areas controlled by regime forces and Lebanese Hezbollah militia, calling for uprising against the regime and the unity of the Syrian people with all of its sects.
The leaflets read “Rise up against injustice, the state oppresses you, be one hand, the Syrian people with all their sects say enough for humiliation and submissiveness, the future of the Syrian people is not a game in your hands”
The leaflets come in light of the ongoing popular anger and resentment within regime-held areas as a result of the collapse of the economic situation.
On August 18, SOHR reported that hundreds of residents of Jirmana went out on protests for the second day demanding to overthrow the regime and to release the detainees, in light of the deteriorating living conditions, amid reports regarding the arrival of the governor of Rif Dimashq to the city to meet with residents in front of the city’s council to listen to their demands.