The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Supporting Al-Suwaydaa protests | Residents go out in eight towns and cities in north western of Syria

Aleppo province: Several areas held by Turkish forces and National Army forces witness protests supporting the public movement in Al-Suwaydaa, conforming to the demands that call for the head of the regime to step down, and achieve political changes in Syria in addition to implementing the UN Resolution 2254.

According to reliable SOHR sources, residents of towns and cities in Afrin, Marae’, Jarablus, Soran, Al-Bab and Akhtarin in Aleppo countryside in “Olive Branch” and “Euphrates Shield” areas in addition to Tarmanin and Al-Atareb in HTS-held areas, went out on protests after Friday’s prayer conforming to the demands of the revolution and supporting the public movement in the Syrian south, amid chants against the regime such as “Leave Bashar” and “Overthrow the regime.”

On August 25, dozens of people staged sit-in protests after Friday prayer, in Al-Bab, Marea, Al-Ra’ai, Azaz cities in northern Aleppo countryside within “Euphrates Shield” area, demanding the overthrow of the head of the Syrian regime, achieving political transition and implementing the International Resolution 2254.
Meanwhile, dozens of people staged a sit-in protest in Afrin city supporting of the uprising in Al-Suwaidaa province, where the protesters hold banners with slogans written on them that read: “the Syrian Revolution is for all Syrians.”