The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Dozens of shells land on the two town of al- Fu’ah and Kefrayya, while airstrikes target the countryside of Lattakia

Lattakia Province:

The helicopters dropped barrel bombs this morning on Jabal al- Akrad and Jabal al- Turkman in the northern countryside of Lattakia causing material damages.


Idlib Province:

The violent clashes between Jabhat al- Nusra, Jund al- Aqsa and the Islamist factions against NDF and the people’s committees trained by Hezbollah leaders continued around the two towns of al- Fu’ah and Kefrayya inhabited by Shiite people, amid carrying out several raids on places around the two towns, while Islamist factions targeted the two towns by dozens of shells leading to kill an old man while others wounded.


The warplanes carried out several raids on places around the town of Taftanaz and the village of al- Mastomah, information about injuries.