The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Fearing expected revolutionary movements | Regime security services deploy large number of patrols throughout Homs city

Homs province: SOHR sources have reported heavy deployment of patrols of the regime intelligence branches since early morning in different neighbourhoods in Homs city and main streets.


SOHR sources have also reported that security patrols were deployed in Al-Sitteen street, the area in front of “Al-Ommaliyah” pharmacy opposite Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed mosque and several streets in Al-Khalidiyah and Al-Qusour neighbourhoods, fearing any revolutionary movements or protests that were expected to be staged after Friday prayer.


According to SOHR sources, the members stationed at checkpoints at the main entrances of Homs city, including Dawar Tadmor checkpoint which is run by members of the intelligence service of the military security branch (Branch 261) in the south of Homs and the checkpoint at the main entrance near “Ma’mal Al-Sukkar” roundabout of the air-force intelligence service, have blocked all outlets leading to Homs city centre, except only one outlet at each checkpoint, amid strict security measures and checking civilians’ IDs.


SOHR sources have reported that this heavy deployment, the state of high alert and strict security measures in Homs city are attributed to concerns about staging demonstrations by civilians, just like the demonstrations which were staged today in south Syria, namely in Daraa and Al-Suwaidaa.


It is worth noting that the public uprising is still growing in Al-Suwaidaa province, where thousands of residents have participated in daily demonstrations, calling publicly for the toppling of the Syrian regime, where Al-Suwaidaa uprising and protests continue for the third consecutive week, amid failure by regime security authorities to contain the angry protestors.