The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Areas of Autonomous Administration | SOHR renews demands to release two journalists of Baz News Agency and protect freedom of speech

Al-Hasakah province: The Internal Security Forces “Al-Asayesh” arrested two journalists including the head of Baz News Agency “Ahmed Al-Ajour”, and guards of the headquarters of the agency in Al-Hasakah City nearly 13 days ago for different charges including “receiving funds from Abo Khola the head of Deir Ezzor Council.”

On August 27, the General Security Forces stormed the building of the agency in Al-Hasakah City and took five to a security centre.

It is worth noting that this media agency is officially legalized by the Media Authority of the Autonomous Administration.

SOHR demands the instant release of the two journalists even if the agency was funded by Abo Khola, as long as they did not participate in any operations or attacks, to keep the safety of journalists and protect freedom of speech, according to the international standards and freedom.