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Having refused to pay levies | Members of “Al-Hamza” Division open fire on wedding procession and assault civilians in Afrin countryside

Aleppo province: Members of “Al-Hamza” Division stationed at a checkpoint at the entrance of Maryamin village in Afrin countryside opened fire on a wedding procession, which had set off from Azaz city heading to Maryamin village in Sharran district in the northern countryside of Afrin in the north-western countryside of Afrin. The gunfire resulted in the injury of two young man, and they were taken to the hospital.


Moreover, the checkpoint’s members assaulted and verbally abused civilians who were escorting the wedding procession and medics, after having refused to pay levies to members stationed at the checkpoint.


On August 28, SOHR sources reported that members of Al-Sham Legion and the Turkish-backed National Army felled nearly 130 olive trees in Shaltah, Tarnada, Kafr Zait and Kawkaba Villages in Afrin countryside north western of Aleppo to sell them as heating logs.