The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Believed to be Israeli strikes | Three combatants killed and eight others injured in attacks on two military positions in Tartus countryside

SOHR activists have documented the death of three combatants, whose nationalities and affiliation remain unknown, and the injury of eight others, including officers of air-defence forces, in attacks believed to be Israeli missile fire carried out on two military posts in Tartus countryside.


The attacks targeted two weapons warehouses of the Lebanese Hezbollah near Al-Jamasah and Deir Hajar villages and a base of the regime’s air-defence forces in Kartu village, which is located nearly ten kilometres away from the targeted first site.


SOHR activists had reported hearing explosions in Tartus countryside caused by attacks on weapons warehouses in an area near Al-Jamasah village in the south of Tartus, which resulted in the death of three persons whose nationalities remain unknown.


On August 28, SOHR sources reported that Israeli aircraft launched airstrikes targeting the runway of Aleppo International Airport, which caused the airport to be completely out of service. The Israeli strikes also targeted, with two missiles, weapons warehouses at the Nayrab military airport, which witnessed during the last period the movement of helicopters towards the Syrian desert. No information about causalities was reported, while the air defence attempted to respond the Israeli strikes, but they failed and the Israeli missiles reached their targets.