The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Homs | IRGC seek to expand within T4 Military Airport and SOHR monitors airport and militia’s positions on video

SOHR sources have reported that IRGC seek to expand more and more within the T4 Military Airport between Palmyra and Al-Qaryatayn on the international road in the eastern desert of Homs. Despite the almost complete control of the IRGC on the airport, in which regime forces, Russian forces and Sukhoi and Meg aircraft are, the IRGC seek to expand into the airport with its large area and bring more weapons, ammunition and forces to it.
The Iranian “Shahed 86” drones are the most prominent weapons of IRGC within the T4 Airport, which they previously launched towards the international coalition base in Al-Tanf area, as they are launched from there, fly over the third and the second station, then over the Syrian-Iraqi border in the desert and from there to their targets, in addition to the presence of Iranian spy stations.
SOHR, through its sources, was able to monitor the T4 Military Airport with audio and video. Its lens also monitored hangars and rooms that are served as private operations room of the IRGC, which are also in the airport.