The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“UN resolution 2254, is a moral and humanitarian demand” | Demonstrations demanding freedom and legitimate demands continue in Al-Karamah square

Al-Suwaidaa province: In the renewal of daily peaceful demonstrations, demanding freedom and legitimate rights, dozens of civilians gathered in Al-Sir/Al-Karamah square, with the participation of women and a delegation from Al-Suwaidaa villages and towns, amid chanting slogans of: “We want to live in pride and dignity”, “Long live Syria” and “Syria is free”
The demonstrators lifted placards that read: “2254”, “The political solution is 2254, the only solution for all Syrians”, “I am the people, I am not honored by a president who killed and displaced his people and imprisoned them in Al-Assad’s criminal prisons”, “The implementation of the UN resolution 2254 is a moral and humanitarian demand” and “Greetings to the free people of Iran”.
The uprising of the residents of Jabal Al-Arab is continuing after entering in the second consecutive month, in Al-Sir\Al-Karamah square in Al-Suwaidaa city, to fulfil basic demands, which is concentrated on protecting the Syrian fabric from Al-Assad’s power and his regime, achieving a transitional rule, implementing the UN resolution 2254, strengthening the concept of decentralization through a democratic national body, releasing detainees and forcibly absentees in the regime’s detention centres and improving the living and economic situation in the country.