The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Deaths and wound for NDF in clashes in the vicinity of Kafrayya and al-Fou’aa

Idlib Province:

At least 6 members of the NDF and local militants loyal to the regime forces were killed in clashes against the rebel and Islamic Factions and Al-Nusra Front (al-Qaeda in the Levant) in the vicinity of the towns of Kafrayya and al-Fou’aa which are inhabited by Shiite citizens, while Militants loyal to the regime targeted a vehicles for the Islamic factions in the vicinity of the town of al-Fou’aa, and confirmed information about casualties in the ranks of Factions, while the warplanes opened fire on places in town of Ihsim in Jabal al-Zawiyah, also the warplanes carried out several raids on areas in the village Karsa’aa in Shahshabbu Mountain in the southern countryside of Idlib, resulting in material damage, also the warplanes carried out more raids in the vicinity of Abu al-Duhur airbase besieged by Al-Nusra Front (al-Qaeda in the Levant) and rebel and Islamic Factions for more than two years, also a person died of wounds he had in the bombing by warplanes on places on the outskirts of the village of al-Kfir in the countryside of Jesr al-Shoghour city.