The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Al-Suwaidaa | Demonstrators renew their affirmation on demanding departure of head of regime and implementation of legitimate demands

Al-Suwaidaa province: The demonstrators in Al-Sir/Al-Karamah square in the centre of Al-Suwaidaa renewed their affirmation on the continuation of the peaceful demonstrations on a daily basis, where dozens of civilians participated in a demonstration demanding the departure of the head of the regime, the fulfillment of the legitimate demands of the demonstrators and the implementation of Resolution 2254.
The demonstrators lifted placards with slogans that read: “You can kill the revolutionaries, but you cannot kill the revolution”, “The unity of Syria’s land and people is a demand for all free people”, “Implement Resolution 2254” and “We demand the freedom not improving the slavery situations”
The popular movement is continuing after entering in the second consecutive month, in Al-Karamah square, calling for a political change, achieving a transitional rule, implementing the UN resolution 2254, strengthening the concept of decentralization, departure of Al-Assad and his government and improving the living and economic situation in the country.