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Israeli drone attack | Two members Al-Jihad Al-Islamy Movement killed near the occupied Al-Golan

Rif Dimashq province: Two members of Al-Jihad Al-Islamy Movement were killed in an attack by an Israeli drone on Baet Jen area in western Rif Dimashq near the border with the Syrian occupied Al-Golan.

On September 11, SOHR sources reported that a drug dealer working for Lebanese Hezbollah in Al-Tel area was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in Ain Manyin town in northern Rif Dimashq.

It is worth noting that the dead man hailed from Rankuos town in Rif Dimashq.

On September 2, SOHR sources reported that a violent explosion was heard in Rif Dimashq a few hours ago, which turned out to be caused by the explosion of an IED in a military vehicle carrying the administrator of Saasaa district, who is an officer in regime forces and his escort, while they were passing through Hinah village in Qatana area in Rif Dimashq, which caused them sever injuries, in addition to material damage.