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While trying to sneak into Turkey | Turkish Jandarma assault six young men leaving one in critical condition

Al-Hasakah province: The Turkish Border Guards “Jandarma” brutally beat six young men with a sharp object, leaving a young man in critical condition, after the young men tried to sneak into Turkey at the outskirts of Al-Dirbasiya Town in northern Al-Hasakah countryside towards Turkish territory.

According to information, the Jandarma stripped them of their clothes and beat them brutally, causing internal bleeding to one of the young men after stabbing him with a sharp object, before dumping them inside Syrian territory, where the Internal Security Forces “Al-Asayesh” helped three of the young men to reach the clinic of the city, while three others remained near the wall and no one managed to pull them into a safe area away from the wall in fear of snipers of the Turkish Jandarma.

On September 15 , three people including a woman were injured after being directly shot by Turkish Border Guards “Jandarma” after they entered Turkish territory through the cement wall between Syrian and Turkish borders in western of Ras Al-Ain City.

According to reliable SOHR sources, the three injured people had entered Turkey via illegal smuggling assisted by “Ahrar Al-Sharqiya” Faction from the side of Mabroka area western of Ras Al-Ain within “Peace Spring” area, where they come from SDF-held areas.